Your support matters

Through your purchase and donation with Grandad Stories, the Oxford Hospital Charity (reg charity 1175809) makes a huge difference to the people who depend on them.

Below are some of the ways your donations have helped.

Your generous support has help to fund the purchase of four mixed reality headsets – to be used by the neurosurgery team at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

This cutting-edge technology uses MRI or CT scans so build a 3D image of a patient’s brain, that can be used by the surgical team to plan the surgery before entering the theatre.

The technology can also be used to prepare the patient and their family of the procedure they will undergo. This increases the feeling of the child being ‘in control’ of their surgery, reducing anxiety and making a daunting experience a lot more engaging.

The technology will also be used regularly for the Neurosurgery trainees, for medical students and for nursing staff.

Oxford is one of only three other NHS hospitals in the UK that currently have this equipment, so will be leading neurosurgery across the country.

We are so grateful to all the grandchildren, parents and grandparents how have helped make this project a reality by buying books and sharing stories. Your support makes such a difference to patients and staff across our hospitals and we are indebted to your continued generosity.
Eleanor Jones
Head of Fundraising
‘We are so grateful to our wonderful donors. Your support quite literally transforms the Oxford Children’s Hospital for our young patients and their families.

Funding for the extras, like laptops and ipads, helps calm, entertain, distract and educate the children under our care.

Thank you for making a difference.’

Zoe Pooley, Children’s Hospital Matron

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It does make a difference

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